Custom advertising flags

Storm is specialized in the production and customization of advertising flags.

Among the countless technical solutions that the market offers for personalization, we believe that sublimation printing is the winning choice for this product. The sublimation printing allows to obtain a double-sided image close to 100% visibility, and to customize the flags without color or image limits. The image imprinted on the fabric will be visible from both sides.

Digital printing allows you to print custom flags, promotional flags, flags of nations, advertising flags, flagpole flags, flags with logos, with no restrictions of colors, images or quantities. This production flexibility represents a plus in advertising printing.

The most common fabrics for making flags are the nautico flag fabric or mesh flag. The mesh fabric is chosen in case the flag must be placed in very windy places, and with bad weather conditions. The holes allow to reduce the impact of the wind on the fabric, guarantee of a longer life than the nautical flag.

Advertising flag fabric; tessuto flag nautico bandiere; Stampa bandiere personalizzate
Nautico flag fabric
Advertising mesh flag; Tessuto Mesh bandiere; Bandiere mesh personalizzate; Bandiere traforate; Tessuto traforato; Flag
Mesh fabric

The maximum print height of the single piece is: 320 cm for the nautical flag fabric, 310 cm for the  mesh fabric, for the desired length. In the case of productions with higher heights, junction sewing will be made. Thanks to this large printing area we can cover all needs in the production of customized flags.

After the printing process, the fabric is cut and made.
For the finishes you can apply eyelets, carabiners, hemmed pocket, tapes, cords, laces, keder, and reinforcement seams.
Thanks to taylor made finishes we can adapt the flags to any support. The tailor-made packaging guarantees maximum compatibility of the flags with all the structures.