Flagpole advertising flags

Custom flagpole flags.

Storm designs, manufactures and prints customized flags for each type of structure. The flagpole flags are tailor made to adapt to any type of support.

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Custom advertising flagpole flags

The two most common types of flagpoles are with pulley or with swiveling upper arm. Each flagpole requires a flag with a custom finish. A reinforcement tape is always sewn on the vertical side of the pole, and then all the accessories necessary for fixing are applied. Depending on the structure, we finish the flag with plastic or metal carabiners, plastic or metal eyelets, velcro or fabric laces, cords. In the case of flagpoles with a swiveling upper arm, we realize a hemmed pocket of suitable diameter; the hemmed pocket can be opened on both sides, or closed on the outside. For special packages the hemmed pocked can be reinforced with a double fabric.

The uses of the flagpole flags are the most varied. They are mainly used in the automotive sector. We print flags with the logos of the car manufacturers or the various dealerships.

Another typical use is for institutional flagpoles. The flagpoles are positioned outside the companies to give greater visibility to their brand. Often the flagpoles are more than one, so the flag printed with the company logo are added with other graphics such as country flags, state flags, municipal flags etc.

The flag  are digitally printed, using the sublimation process. For large quantities, and for graphics with few number of colors, it may be appropriate to screen-print the advertising flags.